The Portales City Sport league is designed to teach children the fundamentals of volleyball. The program consists of two girl's leagues: Junior and Senior. The season occurs from August to November. Both leagues follow NMAA High School/Junior High School Volleyball rules with the following exceptions:

  1. The service line is 5' closer in both leagues. Service line may be even closer in the Junior League depending on the circumstances.
  2. All Junior League games and the first two Senior League games follow a mandatory substitution policy. The third game of Senior League begins open substitution.
  3. All games are rally scoring. The winning team is the first to achieve 25 points, and must win by 2.
  4. All matches are best 2 out of 3 games. However, all 3 games will always be played.

Each league has a specific group of skill development goals created based on collaboration from local college and high school coaches.

Junior League (3rd-4th grades): Participants are taught the following skills:

  • Basic Hits: Bump Pass, Set, and Service
  • Service: Underhand
  • Rotation of Substitution
  • Positions

Senior League (5th-6th grades): The third game is open substitution meaning the coach can substitute freely throughout the game, which is practicied at the Junior High School level. Participants are taught the following skills:

  • Hits: Bump Pass, Set, Overhand Kills
  • Service: Overhand and Underhand

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