Tackle Football

The Portales City Sports Tackle Football program is designed to teach children the fundamentals of football. Rookie Tackle for 3rd and 4th grade consists of 7 vs 7 on a 50 yard field with no kick return.

Senior League teams consist of 11 vs. 11 on an 80 yard long x 43 yard wide field.The field is smaller so coaches are able to better teach fundamentals and proper technique versus allowing opportunity to focus on just running the fastest player. The program consists of two leagues, a Junior and Senior League. Games consist of four 8 minute quarters with a running clock.

Each league has a specific group of skill development goals created based on collaboration from local college and high school coaches.

Junior League (3rd and 4th grades): This league focuses on fundamentals of the game and uses a Pee Wee football. Participants are taught the following fundamentals of the game:

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Field Markings (i.e. side lines, goal lines)
  • 3 point stance
  • 4 point stance
  • Tackling

Senior League (5th and 6th grades): This league is more competitive and competes for the City Champions Trophy. The winning coach will keep the trophy for the entire off season. The trophy will travel to the new season winning team each year. The winning team name and year are etched into the trophy. Participants are expected to know the field markings and different offensive and defensive positions. Participants are also taught:

  • Defensive Strategy based on Portales Junior High School Defensive Strategy
  • Offensive creativity

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