Basketball is the largest City sport, involving nearly 500 participants per season from Portales and the surrounding communities. This program is designed to teach both girl and boy youth participants the fundamentals of basketball. The program possesses a girl's and boy's division each consisting of Pee Wee, Junior, and Senior leagues. The majority of the facilities are provided by the Portales Municipal School District.

Each league has a specific group of skill development goals created based on a collaboration from local college and high school coaches.

Mighty Mite and Pee Wee League (PreK and K, 1st, 2nd grades): The goal of this league for both the girl and boy divisions is FUN, FUN, FUN Fundamentals. Participants should enjoy learning the basics of the game such as jumping, jump stopping, catching, 3 man weave, dribbling, passing, lay-ups, basic simple jump shots, and defense. Coaches are encouraged to instill good habits in all participants such as defensive stance and footwork as basic building blocks of basketball fundamentals. Participants will also learn the importance of practice time. Coaches hold all participants accountable for making it to practice and that while there, participants need to pay attention and work hard. This league plays on small courts with 8' baskets.
Junior League (3rd, 4th grades): The goal of this league for both the girl and boy divisions is to continue to teach the fundamentals with slightly more advanced techniques of the games such as more advanced dribbling drills, shots and shooting techniques, passing drills and defensive drills, and offense and defensive theories. Coaches teach inbound plays and the transition of the game. It is even more important in this league that participants understand the importance of practice and game times. This league plays on full size courts with 10' baskets. A draft occurs at the beginning of the season during which all new players to the league have to try-out. Each returning player returns to his/her team, unless his/she wishes to be drafted again, in which case his/she will then try-out during the draft.
Senior League (5th, 6th grades): The goal of this league for both the girl and boy divisions is to prepare participants for Junior High basketball. The coaches teach basketball theory in addition to fundamentals. Participants should have a basic understanding of the game by the time they participate in this league; therefore, coaches teach more advanced strategies such as more ball movement, sharper passes, press defense, press breaker offense, free throws, and three point shots. Coaches and parents are encouraged to work with participants in this league on drills at home as well as during practice time. This league plays on full size courts.

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