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Protect yourself, your family, and your community by registering with SafeCam.
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The SafeCam program is the Portales Police Department’s newest crime prevention and investigative tool. The goal of the SafeCam program is to deter crime and promote public safety through collaboration between our officers and the community we serve.

Security camera footage is an invaluable asset to our department, helping to establish leads and identify suspects. Registering your camera with SafeCam not only helps to deter crime, but it also assists the Portales Police Department in its overall crime prevention strategy. Similar programs have already taken root with other agencies across the nation, with countless success stories of how this program has helped their communities.

By voluntarily registering your contact information, officers will know how to reach you if a crime occurs in the vicinity of your property. Registering your information does NOT provide the Portales Police Department with direct access to your camera, or the ability to view your footage without your consent. The only way our Department would be able to view your camera footage is by you releasing it directly to us. The Department will simply contact you if they believe your camera may have captured footage relevant to a criminal investigation. 

All “SafeCam” information is kept confidential. Residents and business owners who currently have cameras, or are looking to purchase cameras, can fill out the form below to register their cameras with “SafeCam.” It only takes a few minutes to register! You will be asked to provide some basic information about the location of your surveillance cameras. 

There is no cost associated with the registration and your information is confidential. Once you have completed the registration form, a member of the Department will follow up with you to confirm your registration. You may delete your registration at any time by filling out the 'Opt Out' form below.

Safe CAM Opt-in Form

Safe CAM Opt-Out Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Can officers directly access my cameras?
In no way does this program give investigators access to your cameras. When you register your camera with us, you provide very basic information to let us know there are cameras in that specific area. If a crime occurs in the vicinity of where your camera is registered, an investigator or officer will then contact you to ask if your cameras picked up anything relevant to the investigation. The homeowner or business registered with SafeCam would then have the option to voluntarily give officers the video to help with the investigation. Registering your cameras simply lets us know where to begin looking for possible evidence.

Will my information be shared?
The personal information you share with us is completely confidential. In the event that your video captures a suspect in a case, we may provide a still photo or portion of the video to the media or post it to social media in an effort to help identify the suspect. Who provided the video or where the video was taken would not be released.