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Click here to pay my Ambulance Bill

Making payments on City Website

  1. Patient first name
  2. Patient last name
  3. Account number- account number is found on left side of statement under Account Number
  4. Date of Service- is found on your statement under Date of Service
  5. Invoice- Statement Id located in box at bottom of statement.
  6. Invoice date – Statement Date
  7. Visit number- the same number you put for account number.
  8. Email address.

Payment method/ credit or debit card

Name on card- Has to match to what is on your credit/debit card.

Card number- 16 digits that is on your credit card.

Expiration date – on your credit/debit card.

Security code- 3-digit code located on the back of your credit card.

Zip code- your city zip code that is associated with your credit/debit code.