Code Enforcement

The purpose of the Code Enforcement Office is to protect the public health, safety and welfare in existing buildings used for dwelling purposes. The department administrates and enforces  the City of Portales Code of Ordinances. These ordinances regulate:

  • Storage of inoperable or abandoned vehicles on public and private property
  • Minimum housing standards for existing dwellings, and environmental conditions which may contribute to deterioration in the community
  • Abandoned commercial structures, which may contribute to deterioration in the community
  • Public Nuisances, abandoned containers and weed/debris control
Some of the common complaints reported by citizens include abandoned houses and vehicles, structural defects in dwellings, and weeds, appliances or junk stored on property.

Concerned citizens are encouraged to telephone the Code Enforcement Officer at 575-356-8449 or send an email to file a complaint.
Potential violations are discovered through citizen complaints, referrals from other agencies, inspector observations in an assigned area and systematic inspections in a target area. Once a complaint is received, an inspector will conduct an investigation to determine if there is an ordinance violation. If there is a violation, the inspector may notify the owner verbally or in writing. When there are numerous violations, the owner is mailed a list of violations.
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