Utilities Department

The City of Portales provides water and sewer service to the citizens of Portales. The water for the City of Portales and Roosevelt Water Coop comes from two well fields. One, the Blackwater wellfield, is ten miles northeast of Portales. The Secondary wellfield,  Sandhill, is located about three miles north of Portales. The average summer water demand is 3.5 MGD. The City has four storage tanks that hold 9.25 MGD.

The Water of the City of Portales has to meet federal and state requirements. If you have any questions about the content of your water, a copy of the CCR can be obtained at City Hall. The annual CCR is delivered or mailed to all water consumers on an annual basis.
The City wastewater treatment plant is located 1 mile South of the City, it treats 1MGD of residential and Commercial waste. The treated water is then used for irrigation in accordance with our New Mexico Water Quality Groundwater Discharge Permit.

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